Quench and Temper Steel Bar

Quench and Temper Steel Bar

Why choose King Steel to supply your quench and temper products?  Here are some reasons… Our heat treat line, located at our facility in Norfolk, NE, is conveniently located 7 miles from Nucor Bar Mill. This will immediately save you in freight costs. Our world class induction line is capable of heat treating solid steel round bars between .750” to 3” diameters and 16’-60’ long.

Line Features Include

  • Continuous motion custom designed herringbone cooling table ensures perfectly even cooling throughout every bar
  • Inline rotary head eddy current tester ensuring 100% NDT testing throughout every bar
  • Inline comparator ensures 100% NDT hardness checks throughout every bar
  • Inline Nishijimax high speed cutoff saw for end trimming. Your bar ends will have a precise cut and any end quench cracking issues are eliminated.

Services Provided

  • Quench and Temper
  • Anneal
  • Normalize
  • Temper

Common Heat Treat Specifications Include

  • A193B7
  • F1554GR105
  • A434
  • A722
  • A320/L7
  • A354
  • A449

At King Steel we want YOU to make TODAY a great one!