1006 Wire Rod

King Steel Corporation has been constantly improving, enhancing our steel product line, developing new, value added programs, and building outstanding processes. It’s this steady commitment to quality processes, technology, and products that has enabled us to be a preferred steel supplier throughout the USA. You can be sure none of our achievements would be possible without the unyielding commitment of the King Steel team, enabling us to deliver complete satisfaction to our customers.

Our 1006 wire rod is made of the greatest quality, containing .006% carbon, among many other stuff. For more wire rod options, like 1008 or 1010, visit our Wire Rod page. We carry annealed and patented rod that have been heat treated to obtain certain physical properties. Typical terms are  Annealed at finished size (AFS), Annealed in Process (AIP), Drawn from Annealed rod (DRAR).

Min Max
Diameter x x
Coil Size x x

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Our 1006 wire rod is the best in the industry.